Dorepoll 1 73j Jonathan 499 (P) ET
Dorepoll 1 499 Emperor (P) AI
    Dorepoll 1 H.L. Duchess (S)
    Churchlands Estate 1 Pegasus (P)
Hawkesbury 1 Vollie-Vont (P)
    Hawkesbury 1 Varsity (P)

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Hawkesbury 1 Vespa

Introducing Vespa our new herd sire. We recently purchased this bull from Ernie Colledge. Vespa is the
sort of bull we have been looking to acquire, for a long time. He is pictured here at 20 months weighing 950 kgs
and standing 1.6m tall at the hips. He is a bull full of performance and growth with good bone, sound legs
and walks like a cat. His pedigree is flawless with Hawkesbury 1 Vollie- Vont on one side and Dorepoll Emperor on the other. A combination of pedigree that really excites us and we feel could be the Total Package.